Our Experience


Naval Engineering

The CT Engineering Group works on projects in the naval engineering sector from their inception (preliminary design, basic engineering, and safety) to their completion. These projects incorporate every facet of naval engineering (structure, outfitting, systems, fluids, and life cycle engineering). Furthermore The CT Engineering Group employs highly capable personnel in production management, quality management, and testing.

We carry out projects on all types of ships, both military and civilian. We work with units and offshore structures for both the Oil & Gas market, and renewable energy sector. To do this, we utilize state of the art software (Foran, Aveva Marine, Smart Marine, Autoshyp, Delftship). Our team of engineers and technicians are qualified to develop NATO Codification System. We also have extensive experience in the management of SCC regulations, national, and international military standards.

Boat Design Engineering

More than 20 years of experience result in a portfolio of services that include the design of all types of ships:  those used to transport people and goods, gas, oil tankers, dredgers, tugs, offshore platforms, support boats, and platform boats (FPSO, DRILLSHIP, AHTS, PSV, OSRV) as well as military vessels. In Spain we have participated in important projects: from frigates (Spanish F-100 series, Norwegian F-310 or Australian AWD destroyers) to large amphibious assault ships (Juan Carlos I of the Spanish Navy or the ALHD for the Royal Australian Navy) to submarines (the Scorpène and S-80 programs) or logistical support vessels (BAC Cantabria).

The CT Engineering Group is considered a preferred supplier of engineering services by Navantia, a company with important military projects worldwide (Spain, Australia, Turkey, Arabia, etc.). We also work with the naval company STX France on the design of the outfitting for some of their most luxurious cruise. We have offices in Spain (Ferrol, Vigo, Cartagena, Cadiz), France (Nantes) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

CT Arco

With the acquisition of Arco Marine, CT develops its engineering offering in France as well as its portfolio of new French and foreign customers.

Established since 2001 at St-Nazaire in France, CT Arco is an office specialized under naval architecture and engineering. Since its inception, the company has been in progress in the sectors of ship buiding, refit and repair. CT Arco is able to supply from the basic design to the assistance and yard survey on each type of ship.

Services : Draft basic design, structure calculation, stability booklet, main and detailed conception, building booklet. Re-modeling of structure, hull shape, network with photogrammetry. Building assistance, survey on yard or board.

Offshore : CT Arco produce refit and conversion studies on the CGG Véritas seismic ships, in association with Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs, Bourbon, Seabed, DV Offshore and Technip.

Fishing: CT Arco designed on the last year the total refit of a 21 meters trawler for one of the biggest owner in France, Armement La Houle. The challenge was to conceive a new ship more safe, comfortable, with more fishing equipments, while being more economical. From the existing keel and engine, its new hull gets her a better sea behaviour, and a gain of consumption of 10% diesel oil.

Service Ships : CT Arco works on a whole type of ships : LCT, fireboat, workboat, passengers ship, cargo, dredger, crane-pontoon… Main customers : CNOI, SEAS, EMCC...

Cruise Ships : CT Arco works on integration, rooting studies, and conceive architectural structure parts on the external decks of the ships built at STX-France shipyard.

Military : CT Arcoworked in association with DCNS and the SSF on the refit and rules implementation of the LCT « La Grandière » and the patrol boat « Albatros ».

Fluvial - Lacustrian : CT Arco collaborates with CroisiEurope.