Our Experience

Electrical Engineering

CT's engineers in the department of Electricity and Energy provide engineering solutions for electrical substations, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants. CT has a wealth of experience in projects in the electrical sector, in areas such as transmission, distribution, and generation, in addition to providing design engineering, calculation engineering, manufacturing engineering, supervision engineering, control and commissioning. Recently CT has been equipped with a manufacturing workshop that allows for the extension of services provided to the electricity sector. These installations enable the manufacturing of excitators, alternators, bearings and various other components.

Recent projects include engineering for REE AIS or GIS substations, the supervision and commissioning of onshore and offshore wind farms, and the design and manufacturing of rotating diode excitators for power plants. Among the companies that provide these services are Iberdrola, Siemens, Ferrovial, ABB, Endesa, Acciona, Gamesa or Vestas.