Our Experience


Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The CT Engineering Group Department of Architecture, Engineering and Construction specializes in the BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling). In this way we can generate and manage data throughout the installation life cycle, stimulating the construction project. This virtual construction process uses BIM methodology prior to construction to allow our team to visualize the project in three dimensions and in real time, thereby optimizing time allocated to the project, as well as resources in design and construction. The 'as-built' projects we cover include building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information as well as the analysis of the quantities and properties of its components.

The Department of Architecture, Engineering and Construction works on the interoperability of various modeling, measurement and coordination software to service architects, engineers, builders and developers.

BIM methodology and as-built projects

The portfolio of realized projects include construction feasibility studies, the design of industrialized construction systems for series production, the generation of BIM AsBuilt models for structures, installations and civil works as well as the elaboration of plans for manufacturing and assembly of structures, architectural envelopes and industrialized construction. We have carried out architectural, engineering and construction projects for Seat, Airbus, Elecnor, Intu, Bod or Uop, among others.