Our Experience

Aeronautics & Space

CT is a preferred product engineering (E2S) supplier and a preferred provider of manufacturing engineering (ME3S) services to the Airbus Group.

We work with all Airbus divisions and their extended enterprise of suppliers, RSP’s and others.  CT engineers are involved across the entire lifecycle of aeronautic and aerospace products including: design engineering, manufacturing engineering, and after-sales support engineering. In each of these, we perform an exhaustive range of disciplines such as: avionics, structure design, system installation, stress analysis, flight test, ground test, DMU management and flight physics.  CT is one of the largest suppliers of engineering services to Airbus Defence and Space. 

Since 1994, CT has been a proud participant in most important European aeronautic programs, and R&D initiatives.  In addition, CT is a member of GIFAS.


About CT Paris 

With the acquisition of the Multi-physics Modelling and Scientific Computing business line of Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of CNIM Group, CT expands the innovative and technological engineering services & solutions that it already provides to its customers in France, Europe, and internationally.

This new team gathers engineers and PhDs with complementary skills in physics, mathematics and computer science, who share the same values as CT professionals:  team working spirit and customer vocation. CT Paris team strives to offer an added value to the customers, by selecting and developing the most relevant commercial, open source or home-made software components.

New competences acquired:

Space sector, with a large experience in launch vehicle projects including:

- Optimal development of launch systems.

- Design for micro-launchers of microsatellites in lower orbits, an alternative to the traditional heavy launchers.

- Software platform for preliminary design of HADES new generation space transport systems, by using innovative multidisciplinary optimization techniques.

Projects: ‘Roxane’, a turnkey launch system, including an end-to-end service, from its preliminary design to on-the-ground operations at the space centre, preparation of the satellite and associate sales services with business perspectives. 

Systems’ optimization and data analysis, including:

- Representation and simulation of complex systems.

- Development of new design processes transferable to other sectors such as automotive, aerospace, etc. 

Projects:  HADES is a multidisciplinary system design optimization platform. It brings together data modelling, technical and economic models and optimization mechanisms in an integrated user-friendly environment, promoting the traceability of choices.

- Development of a methodology to connect the different behavioural models of affecting disciplines and leverage optimization techniques suitable to objectives and constraints specific to each system.

- State-of-the-art technologies to innovate and capitalise, such as: model reduction, uncertainties quantification and Open Source components integration.

Project: MECASIF, a project of complex phenomena model reduction.



- Development of a decision-aid platform capable of calculating the impact of various environmental conditions.

- Meteorological data processing and the modelling of physical phenomena.

- Real-time mapping of environmental conditions. 

Project: METEORE, an open and configurable system that can factor in the thousands of “GHOM” parameters: surface and underground geographical information (elevation, soil type, structures, etc.), hydrographic and oceanographic data and meteorological conditions.