Project Management

Project management is a core skill in our company. We use the most modern management techniques to ensure that our clients can comfortably and easily track their projects. All of this is thanks to a methodology that integrates project management quality, risk analysis, KPIs, and reporting flexibly, adapting to each client, each project, each situation.

With a practical approach, our multidisciplinary teams coordinate their efforts to offer preliminary solutions that address the project from all angles (the concept of the product, its development engineering, the industrialisation phase, product certification, etc.). From these solutions, the most advantageous are selected and presented to the customer, who ultimately decides the best solution.

From there, our team of specialists are responsible for the development of the engineering necessary to cover the desired project scope: product definition, full development, industrialization, or even comprehensive support throughout its lifecycle.

Our management system is accredited to EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Quality Policy

At CT, we provide innovative and technological solutions that make our customers more effective and competitive. In doing so, we aim to deliver a consistent, and high quality standard of service.

Our Quality Management System is the key to maintaining, and bettering our standard of service. Improvement comes from a constant review of our day-to-day activities. This is why everyone in the organization is an important part of Quality at CT, and why suppliers are encouraged to contribute too. We aim not just to meet, but also to surpass ISO 9001, and EN 9100 requirements.

The following management principles and behaviors guide our Quality Policy:

Achieve quality, and cost objectives within established timelines in projects.
Build win-win relationships with customers and suppliers.
Cultivate a motivating company environment that makes employees happy, and helps them work at their best.
Actively manage risks, and proactively identify and adopt best preventive practices
Pursue continual improvement, and foster innovation.
Provide trainings designed to develop employee capabilities, and encourage creativity, accountability and engagement.
Maintain a clear and comprehensive understanding of customer, legal, and regulatory requirements.

The market expects a continually improving service. At CT, we drive consistently to deliver a product that exceeds our customers´ expectations, and our own.

Our Quality Management System outlines the policies, organization, procedures, and management committees tasked with achieving our target quality standards.

Our Head of Quality is responsible for monitoring all quality systems, and reports on their deployment, status and performance to the General Manager periodically. The Quality & Operations committee defines Overall Company Quality objectives, which are monitored by the management board.

As the highest Quality representative for The CT Engineering Group, CT authorizes Julien Brunet as our Head of Quality, to ensure the achievement of our quality objectives.

Environmental Policy

CT, a company dedicated to carrying out engineering projects, regards the quality of and respect towards the environment in its activities as strategic and essential factors to maintain a high level of service provision. It is therefore committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment in its activities. Our fundamental aim is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers by exceeding their expectations, service after service, and causing the least possible environmental impact. This business strategy will allow us to, day by day, improve our position in the market and differentiate ourselves from competitors.

To carry out this strategy, the Management at CT INGENIEROS has defined an Environmental Policy, which is based on the following pillars:

  • Provide efficient engineering solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients, and using technology most respectful of the environment and economically viable.
  • Prevent contamination wherever possible, reduce waste generated in the development of our activities, reusing and recycling them whenever possible, as well as using necessary raw materials and energy efficiently.
  • An environmental management system based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 rule, that facilitates a job well done and the constant improvement of services in environmentally friendly ways.
  • Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as the commitment to meet other voluntary requirements.
  • The establishment of objectives and targets for the continuous improvement of environmental performance consistent with nature and the environmental impact caused by our activity, and with this policy, which will be reviewed annually by Board of Management.
  • Promoting training and awareness aimed at informing and making all personnel responsible for environmental protection.


This policy must be understood and taken on board by all staff of the organization and its collaborators. It will also be available to anyone interested in it. Board of Management takes it upon itself to monitor its implementation and periodically review its content, adapting it to the nature of the activities and their environmental impacts, as well as to the general strategy of the organization.

Environmental Performance

In 2017, CT carried out actions with a commitment to environmental responsibility with regard to consumption reduction, recycling, and raising awareness. To tackle the issue of reducing paper consumption CT used direct action by promoting recycled paper versus white paper (currently the tendency towards recycled paper is expected to rise compared to white paper); and indirect action, using environmental awareness messages in various formats, such as email disclaimers. Reducing paper consumption has a positive impact on other indicators such as toner consumption, which is 30% lower in 2017. Electricity consumption has been reduced by 11% compared to 2016.

On the issue of recycling, three elements of high penetration in the organisation's activities have been discussed: paper, toner and WEEE (electronics and electrical equipment). The targets have been met and indicators show significant improvements to the recycling of paper, toners, and WEEE.

In 2017, internal communication channels were used to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, moderating consumption, and sustainable behaviours, which align employees with CT’s environmental policy.

Health & Safety Policy

The CT Engineering Group, a company dedicated to the realization of engineering projects, considers quality and the guarantee of health and safety in its activities as strategic and essential factors to maintain a high level in the provision of its services.

Therefore, it is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions. Our fundamental purpose is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers exceeding their expectations, service after service, and with the best performance in terms of Health and Safety. This business strategy will allow us to improve our position in the market day by day and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

To carry out this strategy, the Manager of the CT Engineering Group has defined this Health and Safety Policy, which is based on the following basis:

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions, through actions and measures aimed at improving facilities and processes that allow the prevention of injuries and the deterioration of health related to work, both of the workers in our work centers or in the centers of work where we operate, as of those jobs over which we have influence or ability to act.
  • A Health & Safety Management System based on the ISO 45001 standard, which facilitates a job well done and the constant improvement of our services, minimizing the dangers and risks for health and safety.
  • The establishment of objectives and goals of Occupational Health and Safety that pursue the continuous improvement of the Safety and Health Management System, consistent with the specific nature of our hazards, risks and opportunities for Health & Safety, which will be reviewed annually by the Management.
  • Compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable in matters of health & safety, as well as the commitment to meet other requirements voluntarily acquired in that area.
  • Ensure consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  • The promotion of training, information and awareness-raising aimed at raising awareness and making all personnel responsible for Occupational Health and Safety.

This Health and Safety policy has to be understood and assumed by all the staff of the organization and by its collaborators. In addition, it will be available to anyone who shows interest in it.

The Management is committed to ensuring its application and periodically reviewing its content, adapting it to the changing nature and characteristics of the activities and risks to health and safety, as well as to the overall strategy of the organization.

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