The CT Engineering group to provide engineering services for the new line of Embraer EJets-2 aircraft


The CT Engineering group to provide engineering services for the new line of Embraer EJets-2 aircraft

The CT Engineering group has secured a contract with Brazilian company Embraer to provide engineering services for the new line of commercial aircraft the manufacturer is designing, EJets-2.

Embraer has entrusted The CT Engineering group as a supplier to meet their demanding timetable ahead of the launch of their new line of commercial airplanes.

Getafe – Spain, 8th October 2014

The Spanish multinational engineering group has been selected by Embraer to provide engineering services in the production of its new line of commercial airplanes, EJets-2.

The work envisioned in the contract will take place in the centres CT Engineering has in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The contract is the result of the diversification and internationalisation strategy of the group and will allow CT Engineering to have a new client in different locations.

The new line of commercial reactors of the Brazilian manufacturer, EJets-2, with a capacity to hold between 70 and 132 passengers, shall be made of of three versions: E175 E-2, E190-E2 y E195-E2.

Embraer has designed a demanding timeline for this new re-motorized version of its line of commercial reactors. The first to be launched, according to the manufacturer, will be E190-E2, in the first quarter of 2018; the 195-E2 will be launched in 2019 and one year later the first E175-E2 will be launched.

This new line was launched in the year 2011 and the chosen motor to equip the line was the Pratt&Whitney PurePower GTF, in two versions, PW1700G for the E175-E2 line and PW1900G for the E 190-E2 and E 195-E2 versions. This generation of commercial aircraft shall also have an entirely new wing, which, together with the motor, leads to important reductions in fuel consumption and in polluting emissions.

This new line of Embraer aircraft includes the firm order of 360 units plus 280 options. Embraer has trusted CT Engineering to help them meet the demanding timeline for the development, manufacture and launch of their new line of commercial reactors.

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