CT to diversify its services and create in-house products by using augmented reality


CT to diversify its services and create in-house products by using augmented reality

The Customer Services business unit, created in 2012, has expanded its team to include a special group of experts in augmented reality and software development, with a clear mission: to diversify the company’s services and create an in-house product.
Backed by the unit’s substantial experience in providing support engineering, the team is developing a wide variety of augmented reality applications, including maintenance 4.0, sales processes, surgical support, indoor navigation and virtual meetings.

CT, a leader in providing technological innovations for the entire product life cycle, has reinforced its commitment to augmented reality (AR) by creating a new team specialized in this technology and in software development as part of the Customer Services business unit. The manager of the this unit, Ignacio López says “Based on our extensive experience providing product support to clients such as Airbus Defence and Space, General Dynamics European Land Systems and, more recently, Santa Bárbara Sistemas we are taking advantage of augmented reality to diversify CT’s package of services and to create in-house products”.

This group, which acts as a laboratory of ideas at CT headquarters in Madrid, was created in response to the emerging Industry 4.0. “Augmented reality is an extraordinary tool which allows us to anticipate the needs of clients in terms of reducing costs and time, especially during maintenance procedures”, explains Miguel Turrión, project manager of the team and in charge of its creation. “We have opted for young talent that is passionate about programming and capable of dealing with the challenges of different sectors, since augmented reality is a transversal technology in CT”, he adds.

Different applications: from urban vehicle sales to virtual meetings    

CT is currently developing various applications which can be used during commercial, training, support and/or maintenance processes, among others. The applications are focused on a wide variety of areas. One of them is medicine, where the objective is to provide support to surgeons during every phase of an operation: the previous case study, the detailed planning and, of course, guidance during the actual procedure. A 3D model of the part of the body that will be operated on can be uploaded to the application, providing doctors with easy access to precise information. The application also has various other functions such as a layered display of the 3D model, and the doctors can even directly interact with the model using a pointer. “We are working on an app that adapts to the needs of the surgeons, not vice versa, providing them the greatest autonomy possible, even when they have fewer resources. The objective is to make it possible for any surgeon with internet access to upload a CT scan and 3D model, to use the application”, Turrión explains.

Another application is focused on virtual meetings. The idea is to integrate all the conveniences of physical meetings, without the associated costs and logistical challenges. With this in mind, an augmented reality conference room with multiple functions has been created in which the avatars of the participants can interact, move around the space, share meeting minutes, images, text, 3D models, create content, etc.

The AR team has also made a foray into the commercial sector, specifically urban vehicle sales, with an app that provides potential buyers a complete user experience in which they can interact with a virtual prototype of the vehicle, allowing the company to avoid the cost of manufacturing the final product. With just a mobile phone or a tablet, the buyer can visualize a full-scaled vehicle, and even drive it. The app’s functions go even further, with options to customize the color, modify the body, see an exploded view of the model, examine the vehicle’s interior or see realistic perspectives of different times of day, among others.

Last year CT presented its new augmented reality capabilities in two well-known events: the FEINDEF fair in Madrid, accompanied by their client GDELS-SBS, and at their stand in Bourget Paris.

The creation of the AR team reinforces CT’s commitment to producing mixed reality technology as part of its mission to offer its clients innovative solutions to optimize processes and be more efficient and competitive, as well as to create its own products.