CT renovates its office in Ferrol, one of its key centers for engineering services.


CT renovates its office in Ferrol, one of its key centers for engineering services.

CT has renovated its office in Ferrol to facilitate a safe return for employees who opt to work in the office, as well as to reflect the corporate identity that the brand launched in 2018.
The office, which is located in the industrial area of La Gándara and covers an area of 1200 m2, has a new distribution, greater capacity and several rooms specially fitted out that the company will make available for internal and external training.

CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the product life cycle, has renovated its office in Ferrol, focusing on a safe return for employees who wish to use the facilities, and on presenting an image that reflects the company’s corporate identity and its current strategic objectives, which include industrial diversification and a commitment to training. 

With a team of more than 100 engineers, the office in Ferrol is one of CT’s key centers for local, national and international projects. In addition to the naval and industrial sectors, Ferrol is also committed to promoting new areas, such as the aeronautics or automotive sectors.

The renovation of the facilities, which covers 1200 square meters, includes the redistribution of space to meet the new health and safety standards, with ingenious pieces of furniture for the employees to keep their personal belongings. This new layout creates a welcoming, orderly and open environment that is easy to ventilate, clean and disinfect. Although the offices are prepared to accommodate more than 150 people, employee safety, flexible schedules and family and work conciliation continue to be fundamental pillars of the activity in Ferrol: more than 70% of the staff continue teleworking from home, with the rest working from the office or in client facilities.

The renovation has also improved spaces dedicated to training, since the company organizes internal and external training programs around different disciplines and software tools, and is also a partner of universities and local training centers. To this end, a room with capacity for more than 50 people has been specially fitted out, complying with all health and safety measures and providing all the equipment needed for training.

"We appreciate the collaboration and commitment of the entire team, although the moments we are living are not the best, their enthusiasm and desire to contribute are beginning to pay off and they now see the future with cautious but exciting optimism," says Juan Sousa, director of the office in Ferrol.