CT launches a virtual meeting room application capable of sharing 3D information


CT launches a virtual meeting room application capable of sharing 3D information

The augmented reality and software development team launches CT Virtual Meetings, a customizable virtual meeting room application for customers from different sectors.
Among its main advantages, the possibility of sharing in real time 3D objects that can be simultaneously analyzed and manipulated by the meeting attendees, as well as a greater degree of interactivity between people.
The application, now available on Google Play and the App Store, has a video presentation on the company's Youtube channel and website.

CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the product life cycle, launches CT Virtual Meetings, an application aimed at companies in different sectors that allows users to create and customize their own meeting rooms using augmented reality.

The augmented reality and software development team is led by Ignacio López, the Customer Services Business Unit Manager: “We created the app to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 and to make a small contribution to the fight against climate change in our globalized society. We’ve accelerated development in order to offer a solution to mobility restrictions during the confinement period, especially for companies that need to share 3D information and create more complex meeting environments, or simply with greater interactivity. This app is a collaborative tool for professionals anywhere in the world that will reduce the need for business trips and their associated carbon footprints”.

The main advantage is the ability to share 3D objects in real time that can be analyzed and manipulated by meeting participants simultaneously. Each client has a personalized virtual room, with its corresponding 3D models, an effective solution for a multitude of processes, from industrial to marketing or sales, in order to avoid on-site travel.

Another advantage is interactivity, which provides the same characteristics as a face-to-face meeting. This makes it a very useful tool for remote learning, thanks to an augmented environment with multiple functions and simulation capabilities, in which the avatars of the participants can interact, move around the meeting room, share minutes, images, texts, 3D models, create content, etc.

The application is available for iOS and Android. CT is currently offering companies a free trial period, in order to optimize and adapt the virtual environments to the needs of each client. For all those interested, CT has prepared a video presentation where customers can see how the application works.

Backed by CT’s solid experience in support engineering, the team is developing a variety of AR-based applications, from 4.0 maintenance and sales processes to indoor navigation; they are even developing AR to support doctors during surgical procedures. As Ignacio López explains, "the aim is to diversify CT’s service package and create in-house products".